Essay on For Organ Transplants

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On average, twenty two people die every day while waiting for organ transplants. Today, there are more than 120,000 people in the United States that are waiting for organ transplants. Every ten minutes, another name is added to that list. Three-dimensional printing is a manufacturing method in which objects are made by fusing or depositing materials—such as plastic, metal, ceramics, powders, liquids, or even living cells—in layers to produce an object. The idea of 3D printers is similar to that of inkjet printers, however, the end product differs in that a 3D object is produced. One very thought provoking idea is to utilize this printing technique to produce biological organs. Imagine that it has been three years since you were placed on the organ recipient waiting list. Your kidney is failing and you are in need of a new one. As you continue to wait, you become more and more ill. Eventually, you lose all fight because there are no available kidneys that fit your body and match your blood’s antibodies. Three-dimensional bioprinting, though a fairly new concept, has a very promising future and retains the capability to drastically decrease the number of patients in line for a transplant. Susan Dodds of Australian Broadcasting Corporation claims that while “3D printing can offer great benefits in medicine, it can also raise a number of ethical questions as the technology develops.” Medical uses for 3D printing, both current and potential can be placed into a few broad…

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