Food, Water, And Shelter Essay

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A few things are needed for bare survival nowadays, those being: food, water, and shelter. The most important out of those three is arguably water. Unlike food you can only last without water for ninety hours, whereas you can go without food for weeks at a time. The reason the human body cannot last without water is simply because the body composition of a human is 70% water. As essential water is, many forget how blessed they are just to have water and end up taking it all for granted. Many tend to overlook the other purposes of water that are vital to our daily life, such as: cooking, personal hygiene, growing plants, washing clothes, washing dishes,etc. The possibilities of water use are endless and should not be overlooked because eventually there may not be enough for everybody. After understanding the importance that water plays in life, many are now taking steps to preserve it and make sure they are using it to their full potential.

Many products have found ways to use water for their benefit, but only a few have been created to better people and the earth as a whole. After spending some time on Kickstarter, nothing really appealed to me as most products seemed somewhat pointless. Eventually I ran into two products that were related to utilizing water and decided that is what deserves my investment. The first product to catch my eye was a sink attachment nozzle that conserves water called the Altered:Nozzle. Alongside this, the second product I found is also…

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