Food Shortages And Its Effects On The Food Supply Essay

1257 Words Jun 14th, 2015 null Page
Imagine waking up tomorrow to hear on the news that there is a major food shortage due to a massive crop failure. This will not only affect being able to pick up food at the grocery store but the animals that depend on the food supply will also be affected. After a thorough investigation of what caused the crop failure it is deemed to have been an agroterrorism attack of a disease that was spread throughout the crop fields. Agroterrorism is a dangerous threat that faces our way of life in America. Agricultural resources have been considered potential targets of biological warfare or terrorism since World War I; and besides many years have passed the threat hasn’t subsided. Livestock offers an especially attractive target. Terrorists can pick an economically valuable livestock, match the target against a published list of diseases, and select the most accessible pathogen. Many of these organisms are endemic outside the United States and can be isolated from common materials with very little training. And unlike the weapons of bioterrorism, lethal and highly contagious biological agents that affect animals usually do not harm humans. In fact, experts suggest that the economy, not human health, would experience the greatest impact of an agro-terrorism attack.
Agroterrorism is a type of bioterrorism used to attack an element of a nation 's or region 's agriculture with the primary goal of causing economic disruption, hardship and fear (Bumann, 2009). Basically what that means…

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