Food Services At The State Of These Apples Essay

1694 Words Nov 16th, 2015 7 Pages
The experience of biting into the glistening skin of a beautiful apple, tasting the luscious flesh of a flavorful fruit that resembles drinking fresh cider, the refreshing crunch that is capable of turning any “unhealthy” day of gloom into one full of energy, and the feeling of content that accompanies a first-class apple is lacking in the produce sold at convenience stores across Penn State’s campus. Unfortunately, the tempting basket of “red deliciousness” that occupies the check-out counter consists of unsatisfying, sub-par apples. From the outside, these fruits are enchanting, generating expectations of a delectable experience; however, at first bite it is evident that quantity is more important that quality. The apples are often bland, mushy, and, simply, unappetizing (adjectives that should not describe a fruit with so much potential). There is hope though. There is hope for the state of these apples, for I propose a plan to rectify the “distasteful” apples sold in convenience stores across Penn State’s campus. Food Services in collaboration with the College of Agriculture Science should implement a system to construct a university-run orchard, combating the apple epidemic and enriching the educational experience of students, by working as a team to establish a course of action, planting trees, cultivating the plants, and, finally, retailing the apples throughout campus in a proper manner. In order to remedy the state of apples sold across campus, Food Services and…

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