Personal Narrative: My Dietary Habits

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Food Narrative Project My dietary habit is mostly influenced by the place where I grew up. In my childhood, people around me fed me with the local food from the southern China. This shaped my taste in my brain and memory, and the food from southern China is considered as my home food since then. However, after living in the US for almost 6 years, my dietary habit is slightly changed. If I am in China, my choice of food would be different from what I used to have before I came to the US. Besides the living environment, there are other factors, such as geography, economics, and philosophy, which greatly alter my diet.
People live in the south of China often have rice made food as their core food, while those live in the north of China prefer
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At first, westerners like to eat better for dinner than lunch, while my family usually eat more during lunch than dinner. We think that having less food for dinner is better for our health because the digestive system would have less time to function at night. Another difference is that Americans eat more proteins and raw vegetables, and less starch than the Chinese do. Core food such as rice or noodles is necessary for every meal in China, while meat or salad is enough to become a meal for the American. In my opinion, eating more salad is not only healthier, but also good for the environment. Therefore, currently I have salad at least once a day for one of my meal.
I have also travelled to Korea for a summer study abroad program in my freshman year. In a seafood market, I first tried lived octopus. The arms were chopped into short segments to make it easier to be chewed. While the arms were still moving after being chopped, I dipped one arm in a type of Korean spicy sauce, and put it in my mouth. I could feel its suckers were sucking my tongue lightly. It was a little bit hard to chew on, and the taste was plain after long chewing. But overall, the experience was
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Dim sum is one of my favorite food since it has a lot of varieties of food, including shrimp dumpling, steamed pork, porridge, rice noodles, baozi, and dessert. It has another name in Canton, called “breakfast tea”. For local people, we usually say we will go to “drink breakfast tea” instead of “eat brunch”. Since I was little, my parents always brought me to have dim sum between morning and noon every weekend and met with families and friends. To us, dim sum is like brunch which combines breakfast and lunch, and we will stay and chat for a while during and after we eat. However, the older generations always have dim sum in the early morning as their breakfast. And then they will stay on the table with a pot of tea to chat with their friends until noon, sometimes afternoon. In the history, those places offered dim sum were more famous for offering places to seat with a pot of tea, where people could listen to the stories and news told by others for a whole day. Typically, the older people like to go to these places because they have a lot of free time since morning. I really like this tradition because I can wake up late and have dim sum as brunch with my friends during the weekend. After we eat, we will chat for about an hour or two with continuous serving of tea until we leave. It provides an opportunity for me to communicate and know more about my friends. At the same time, it offers a

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