Essay on Food Labels And Their Food Label Values

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The legislation to make foods unavailable for purchase in relation to their food label values would lead to an almost impossible scrutiny of every food available for purchase. As the USDA points out, the mere definition of unhealthy would be difficult to determine. A candy bar contains less fat than a serving of cheese. A regular soft drink contains less sugar than a granola bar. Potato chips can vary in amounts of sodium, and often have less sodium than a serving of cereal. (2) Furthermore, there is no standardized definition of a serving size, and the serving sizes on food labels are usually not an accurate estimate of the amount usually consumed. (8) These determinations would not be able to define snack foods or foods as healthy or unhealthy. The foods that are proposed to be banned are all part of an all encompassing diet and lifestyle that can be measured as healthy or unhealthy. It would be a severe injustice for the government to actually make cheese a banned food, or censor cranberry juice from poor people. The overall morale of this country would plummet if the rich were able to eat salted nuts while the poor were forced to eat theirs unsalted. The duty of the public health system is to regulate the population’s collective well being without becoming a “Nanny State.” (Kass 792) It would make the exclusion of foods to the poor demeaning and send the message that lower income families do not have the knowledge to make their own decisions regarding the health of…

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