What Is Food Insecurity

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Going to school at Loyola University, in Baltimore, Maryland, I have done an enormous amount of research on food insecurity and my professors have acknowledged this issue heavily. Baltimore contains many areas that operate with little to no healthy food sources nearby because of the large population that cannot afford these goods. With the fleeing number of locally owned grocery stores, residents don’t have available fruits and vegetables while convenient fast food outlets sprout.
Primarily, the United States Census Bureau Poverty Thresholds reported that the poverty threshold for a family of four, the most common size with no relation to income, is roughly $24,036 in 2015. This means that if one person in this household works 40 hours a week,
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This is because they are exceptionally easy to produce. In low income urban areas with corner stores instead of grocery stores, the shelves furnish many processed foods because those items last the longest and they are exceptionally cheap, causing many of the consumers to have no option because their financial issues inhibit them to drive to a grocery store or even afford healthy, fresh items. This intake of carbohydrates, because that’s the only thing available to them, leads to obesity and multiple other health issues like diabetes and …show more content…
The store operates on “shares of stock for as little as $25” that pay for remodeling of the abandoned building, first year operation, and for the ECSIA Hydroponics Greenhouse. With more and more local grocery stores disappearing, six federal agencies created an “$800,000 Obama administration initiative, ‘Local Foods, Local Places,’” and each community has a team of experts who “recognize local asset and opportunities, set revitalization goals, and develop an implementation plan using these resources. Wealthy areas are shown to have “three times as many supermarkets as poor ones,” with the poor markets containing only a fraction of the amount of food. The non-profit grocery stores could return its profit through to the consumers and also establish well-paying jobs for local residents, raising the health and economy of the local

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