Essay on Food Industry Of The Neolithic Revolution

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Ever since the beginning of the Neolithic Revolution, the major turning point in history and the fundamental shift of food consumption from hunting & gathering to agriculture that led to permanent settlements, humans have been a prosperous species. Humans constantly search for new food innovations to satisfy the large supply and demand concept for the exponentially growing population. They are in fact extremely efficient in developing new strategies for food production, management, and distribution through food businesses and big corporations of this manner. In actuality, food companies control all of the agriculture and factory businesses and are in charge of all aspects of the final products sold to the consumers. This is not a positive indicator since food companies are performing too many alterations on their food products, and there are not enough regulations by the government. Food industries are using scientific language on their product labels to deceive the citizens in order to maintain prestige and profit.
Food companies continuously search for ideas that will benefit them, and will not care if they harm their future consumers in the process. Food industries have taken the use of scientific language on food labels as one strategy to bemuse customers, who will not be aware of the hazardous components in their products. To expand on this idea, the excerpt from Fast Food Nation communicates that “although flavors usually arise from a mixture of many different volatile…

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