Food Consumption In Fast Food

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Food consumption is an essential to the daily life of every individual in this world. The average calorie intake for a healthy adult varies from 2000-2800 calories per day. (WebMD 1). There are many adults who are not following these amounts of calories and it is becoming a huge issue in the United States. More than two-thirds of americans are considered to be overweight or obese. (NIH 2). Many people seem to be unaware of the ingredients and calories that are in their diet. Americans today consume about 500 more calories a day in their daily intake. (Public Health 3). A few hundred calories over the daily maximum may not seem like much but over an extended period of time, health risks may occur. Many individuals are becoming obese due to poor …show more content…
It has became very effortless to pick up a quick meal at a fastfood restaurant in recent times. Unhealthy meals seem to be more affordable compared to healthier foods. It is more likely for people to choose the meal that costs less due to their expenses that are needed to be covered such as bills and necessities. As for doing this, unnecessary weight gain will be added to the individual’s body which only makes matter worst. In addition to consuming unhealthy foods, these types of meals even taste much greater than health foods would. Junk food and fast food are typically high in calories, sugar, simple carbohydrates, saturated and trans fat. Not only are these elements in high numbers not good for a person’s health, but there are other negative processes added also. The sugars in all of these types of food are highly addictive which makes the consumer constantly come back for more. Many people also use excuses such as, “I don’t have time to cook at home” or even “It saves time for me to grab dinner at a fast food restaurant” for their poor eating habits. It seems as if people are becoming careless with what they consume due to the lack of time and energy that they claim to not have enough …show more content…
There are several different reasonings for not having enough energy in an individual’s body. People are typically kept busy throughout the weeks with such busy schedules. Work is one of the main cause for energy consumption within an individual’s body. When an individual is constantly being kept busy to complete tasks throughout the day, stress and tiredness may become involved which may drain all of their energy out. With the lack of vitality, it is easy for individuals to consume more foods that are high in calories and simple carbohydrates. It is also possible for some people to be born with a lower energy drive than others. These type of people will have to work twice as hard to gain the missing energy that they do not

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