Following The Organic Self : Slavery During The 1800 ' S Essay

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Following The Organic Self Slavery during the 1800’s kept America’s agricultural boom moving. During this time period, however, a small number of individuals begun to have suspicions about whether or not slavery was humane. The idea about to abolishment of slavery had began to arise and threaten all that America had known. Frederick Douglass’s story The Heroic Slave tells a story about a slave named Madison Washington and how he could no longer withstand the conditions of slavery. Madison went against all odds and ideas about slavery and did not want to accept the social mask society wanted to give his as a slave. While in the woods one day when he believes he is alone, Madison Washington talks about his life and what meaning is left of it as a slave. In his speech he says, “ But what is freedom to me, or I to it? I am a slave,--born a slave, an object slave,--even before I made part of this breathing world, the scourge was platted for my back; the fetters were forged for my limbs” (4). The social ascription of a slave was already in place for him even before Madison knew it himself. He feels that his life has no mean while he is living as something society has told him he has to be. Madison has chosen to follow his true organic self because life as a slave is not worth living to him. He would rather be dead or live life as a free man, and either way he will be freed from a situation in which he knows is not a way for any man to live. Why be a man, and live in a way in…

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