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Heading: Creator of Mesmerizing Abstracts
Intro: A gifted abstractionist, Ajay Choudhary, an IPS officer, wears many badges of honour; he has showcased his creations in the top art galleries in the world and has won many accolades from art aficionados. Being a self-taught artist, he has given wings to his childhood passion of painting, surprising all with his delft strokes on the canvas. His source d 'inspiration for his paintings is based on experiences and observations from daily life. Noted global painter late M.F. Husain described Choudhary 's paintings as a "living art form".
Body Text:
“My paintings are essentially a form of rebellion. The key idea behind my paintings is to use abstraction as a means to comment on reality by a process embodying childlike freedom and spontaneity to break the conventional inhibitions of a trained mind to project an unchartered abstract landscape of the abstruse.” – Ajay Choudhary
Ajay Choudhary fondly reflects on his childhood passion and intense desire to play with lines and colour, “Right from the age of five, I have been carrying this art making process. During my years of education in the Bokaro Steel City, I was always encouraged by my art teacher and my parents to pursue my interest, be it marking the numbers on newly arrived class room furniture in lieu of a Rasgulla or painting with watercolours.” Currently serving as an IPS officer, he feels that the constant exposure to a potpourri…

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