Fly Eye Research Paper

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Flies, such as the common housefly look at the world in quite a different way than humans do. The structure and function of a fly's eye are completely different from humans; therefore they see the motion, shapes and colors differently than humans. Flies also see the light in a different way than humans. Nano-structure of the eyes that gives the ability of a virtually 360 degree all direction vision with only two eyes placed at the front of the head. Military pilots like helicopters and fighter jet pilots often suffer from neck pain because of many misaligned postures, much equipment which is mounted on the helmet, some forces like G-forces, high risk head movements and vibration of body can also cause this problem. Fly eye has a unique feature of 360 degree all direction …show more content…
Although the eyes of fly can’t move but they get light from all the direction into their omattidia which produces the final image. In the pilots of helicopters and fighter jets, people sitting in tanks, submarines and space shuttles often suffer from neck pain because of their helmets. Use of NVG and other equipment in their helmets increases the weight of helmet and its distribution on head and neck resulting in neck pain. This neck pain is becoming a major issue for pilots. To overcome such issue we can use the concept of fly’s eye. Using Nano structured lenses in helmets of pilots we can get the image from particular spots from any position. These Nano structures lenses can produce a 360 degree all direction vision just like a fly so that the pilot will not need to move the head through the neck to see a specific spot.
Literature Review:
Fly’s eye is considered as a compound eye which is made up of many individual visual receptors known as omattidia. Now each of these receptors (Omattidia) works as a functioning eye and together these omattidia creates a broad field of vision for

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