Essay on Flowers For Algernon Monologue

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The Journal of a Teacher

Journal Entry 1: May 17th
My name is Ms Kinnian, I am a teacher at an adult rehabilitation centre and I’m of thirty-four years of age. All my students are intellectually capable as they could and should be. A neurosurgeon named Dr Strauss gave me this journal to write down my thoughts on what seems to be Charlie’s exceptional progress. Charlie is by far my best student despite being in my class for only three years. He is hard working, willing and honest. He is an innocent and curious man with good intentions. Although, since I teach at an adult rehabilitation centre none of my students are as smart as they could and should be. The same applies for Charlie he is thirty-seven years old but his mental age is
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He said that soon Charlie would experience severe amnesia, his motor activity will become impaired and there will be a general reduction of glandular activity and an accelerated loss of co-ordination.
Journal Entry 5: July 11th
Today Charlie was sitting in my classroom. He had the same vacuous, wide bright eyes as a child and the same dull uncertain smile. Extremely surprised I said “Charles, what is wrong?” He looked at me with a baffled expression and said “Hello Ms Kinnian. I’m ready for class today only I lost the reader we were using”, it became clear exactly what was to Charlie. My heart sank like steel in water and it started hurting. I received flashbacks of what Charlie was before the experiment, he was an uncertain confused man, always wondering about things and asking questions. How he would work so hard hoping to become smarter. After the experiment he was a handsome romantic genius. I dreaded this day. Now that is has come, I could not do anything but run out the door and cry. I felt my tears trickle down my cheeks. Why had I ruined the life of an innocent and honest man who wouldn’t even take advantage of a man without arms and legs? Why had I made him reach for the stars when he couldn’t even touch the roof? I knew this wasn’t a mistake for which I could say “Sorry” or “Never mind, we’ll try again sometime”. I had taken Charlie’s dream away from him. I had left him with virtually nothing. I wiped my tears, went back into the

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