Florence Nightingale As An Unsanitary Profession Essay

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Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy but raised in Germany by her parents who were wealthy landowners. She was given a classical education in which she was taught French, German and Italian. She begged her parents to learn math but women were not usually taught math in the 1800s. Florence’s father had a passion for math like his daughter so he got her a tutor who taught her basic arithmetic, algebra and geometry. As a young woman she tutored children and focused on educating young girls. She was a pioneer of word problems because she felt that they helped children understand math in a real world context. From a young age Florence helped the poor and ill living near her home. At age sixteen she decided she wanted to become a Nurse, however she met resistance from her mother who wanted her to follow the traditional route and get married. In those days, respectable women did not become nurses because it was considered an unsanitary profession. At seventeen, ignoring social norms, Florence refused a marriage proposal and went to The Institution for Protestant Deaconess at Kaiserworth instead so she could pursue a career in nursing.
After graduating from nursing school Florence worked caring for ailing Governesses in London and moved up quickly becoming the superintendent there. Having heard of her skills Secretary Of War Sidney Herbert asked Florence to put together a nurse corps for the Crimean War. The Crimean war was between Russia and Turkey. Russia invaded…

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