Flag Burning The American Flag Essay

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Burning the American flag has been a controversial issue for many years. Flag burning is seen as a symbol of protest, and many see it as a slap in the face to service men and women, as well as an insult to America as a nation. Yet, others see it as a way to express feelings of disgust, saying it is harmless and our right as American’s to be able to desecrate the country’s flag. As our country evolves, the debate is still out, many insist burning the American flag should be against the law, others disagree and think it should remain legal; I, however, believe that in order to preserve our first amendment rights, flag burning should not be outlawed. In a number of countries, it is illegal to desecrate their flag. However, in the United States, it is not illegal to burn or desecrate the flag. In fact, burning the flag is the only legal way to dispose of a worn or tattered flag. Flag burning continues to be a controversial act that many Americans think should be outlawed. Although Congress has attempted to amend the Constitution to outlaw flag desecration in all forms, the amendment never passed due to its contradiction of our first amendment right to free speech.
Those opposed to the burning of the American flag view flag burning as unpatriotic and un-American, viewed as an insult to the nation, as well as its citizens. In the eyes of many Americans, the flag is the sacred symbol for our country. The flag is the symbol of freedom, the very symbol that our country is known for.…

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