Research Paper On Postpartum Depression

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Jessica T. Smith
Brown Mackie College
Mental Health
October 17, 2016


Major depression is a form of postpartum depression (PPD) women experience during and after pregnancy. Pregnancy can result in a mother experiencing the most memorable time of her life either joyous or depression most commonly known as “baby blues”. If baby blues is left untreated it can result with the mother facing a more serious condition called postpartum depression disorder. This disorder can cause a mother to have suicidal thoughts that could result in harmful actions toward herself or the baby.

Do I not love my baby? Why am I not happy? What is postpartum depression? Postpartum depression (PPD) is a clinical
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Dealing with PPD generally develops in 5 stages. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (Swiss-American psychiatrist) developed the 5 stages for individuals who suffer from grief. Who later determined that suffering from PPD experience the same stages. Stage 1 Denial: It can’t be PPD because I am not mentally ill. Stage 2 Anger: This is supposed to be a happy time. Stage 3 Bargaining: If I get closer to God and pray more this will go away. Stage 4 Depression: My baby doesn’t deserve a mother like this. Stage 5 Acceptance: Postpartum depression is only temporary and treatable with professional help. Everyone does not experience all stages in this exact order. Stages vary based on age, religion, and cultural …show more content…
Tonya finds out she is pregnant with her second child, so she began investing her time in reading and researching about PPD to better prepare herself and husband. Again, her primary complaint was not being able to keep anything in her system, but not as serve as the first pregnancy. She was admitted into the hospital two times and lost 14 pounds within the first trimester. An early ultrasound revealed that she had initially been pregnant with twins, but one failed to thrived and absorbed back into her system. Both mother and father mourned the loss of the baby and tried to move past it. Five months into the pregnancy Tonya began to have major back spasms and was admitted back into the hospital, again the doctors diagnoses her with gestational diabetes and high blood pressure that appeared sooner than the first pregnancy. She began to experience the depression and anxiety therefore she immediately informed her physician. The doctor prescribed Zoloft to help suppress the symptoms. For leisure Tonya worked on creating an online support group for women suffering from

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