Five Core Job Theories And Herzberg's Two Factor Theory

The Job Characteristics Model, by Hackman and Oldham, is similar to Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory in many areas – wherein if jobs are enriched this would lead to improvement in outcomes in terms of attitudes and behaviours. However, Hackman and Oldham has improved on Herzberg’s model as they recognised the psychology of individual preferences through incorporating the moderators in the model.

The Job Characteristics Model consists of five core job characteristics, three critical psychological states and a set of moderators. The theory states that the five core job characteristics result in the worker experiencing the three favourable psychological states, which lead to positive outcomes.

The five core job characteristics include skill variety,
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Secondly, experienced responsibility for work outcomes, which is the extent to which workers feel personally responsible for their performance. Thirdly, the knowledge of the results, which would be the degree to which workers know how well they perform their jobs on a continuous …show more content…
Workers need to have the knowledge and skills to perform the redesigned jobs properly and effectively. If workers do not have the necessary knowledge and skills, then the redesign of the job would be ineffective and would not lead to high levels of outcome.

Finally, the last moderator would be the satisfaction with the work context. When workers are satisfied with the work context, the relationship proposed would be expected to be strong. However, if the workers are dissatisfied with their works context, they would be distracted and spend a lot more time with the dissatisfaction and would be very unlikely to respond positively.

The Job Characteristics Model has made important contributions to job redesign. It has recognised the individual differences by including the moderators, and thus made a considerable and a major step difference from the theory of Herzberg. This model has also provided guidance and assistance to managers in terms of suggesting the need for jobs to include the five core job characteristics – skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy and

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