Fitzgerald's Life And Life In The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896 in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota. His father had a furniture business that failed. After it failed, they moved to St. Paul to live off F. Scott Fitzgerald’s mother’s inheritance. He dropped out of school to fight in the war. He was afraid of losing his life to World War 1. He was second lieutenant in infantry. Later, he went to Alabama and fell in love with a girl, got married and had a child. Afterwards, he moved to New York with hope to launch a career in advertising lucrative. Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby when he moved to France in 1924 during the Jazz Age also known as the “Roaring Twenties”. The Great Gatsby was published on April 10, 1925 by Charles Scibner’s sons. The book provides history on the 1920s and describes the development and change that was happening at the time such as: automobiles, big parties, jazz music, bootleggers,etc.. Fitzgerald’s visit to Long Island and attending big parties inspired the setting for The Great Gatsby. Fitzgerald was said to have went to a party at a huge mansion. Fitzgerald was a man from Minnesota and like Nick he attended Ivy League School. Fitzgerald was also similar to Gatsby; he fell in love with a girl while in the military. Fitzgerald let the new lifestyle get to him and he admired …show more content…
Although, Gatsby was very wealthy he started off poor like Myrtle and Wilson. Tom and Daisy Buchanan, the rich couple, brought the poor ones into their life and ended their life. Tom had an affair with Myrtle disrespecting Myrtle’s husband Wilson. Daisy ran her over, killed her, and never stopped the car or even checked to see if she was okay. Wilson was physically sick from his wife affair that Tom had with her. Myrtle’s death led Wilson to killing Daisy’s lover and himself. Daisy nor Tom took actions for the problems they caused. They just took their wealthiness and went out of town, so the blame was put upon the poor

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