Essay on First Night After Math :

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First Night After Math:

For my first night of sleep, I had only gotten roughly 4 hours of rest with a quick interruption lasting around 5 minutes. I remember having a vivid dream, which is a usual occurrence for my sleeping habits. When I had first woken up, I had actually felt rejuvenated and well-rested. I had been able to perform well within my group meeting for another class project. However, I found myself feeling quite exhausted around 3:00 PM which prompted me to take a nap. Upon waking up from about a 60 minute nap I felt incredibly disoriented and groggy. I am led to believe that during the 4 hours of sleep I have been able to achieve both Slow-Wave Sleep and REM sleep, however, during this nap I hadn 't entered REM sleep. I am left to believe that I hadn 't entered REM sleep during this time because as (pg. 192) states, people who feel groggy and or confused were typically awoken within stage 4 SWS, whereas people who are awoken during REM sleep are alert and attentive. I was definitely far from the latter. After waking and feeling groggy, my cognitive abilities weren 't as strong as they had been before and they certainly didn 't seem to be increasing to any degree.

During the first time that I had slept for 4 hours, perhaps by brain had received enough sleep for me to get by on. In other words, my brain had been able to recover from some of the activity throughout the day. Although, this didn 't prove to be the same case upon awaking from an hour 's…

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