Fire Prevention And Basic Disaster Management Essay

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Fire in the healthcare setting can occur due to multiple causes such as defective electricity wiring, storage of combustible chemicals, and smoking materials. The United States fire departments, in 2006- 2010, reported that they approximately responded to 6240 health care structures in a year (Ahrens, 2012). The fires resulted in six deaths in average, 171 injuries, and $52.1 million of property loss (Ahrens, 2012). Therefore, there is an urgent need for fire prevention and basic disaster management in healthcare institutions. Fire prevention entails effective planning and performing measures to prevent fires, and reduce the damage caused by fire.
Fire Prevention in Long Term Care
Smoking or inflammable materials are the main cause of fire in long term care. If inflammable materials are permitted in an institution, all staff should be informed on maintenance rules. For example, the materials should be stored away from heat in order to prevent fire. Deep and large non-tip ashtrays should also be used if smoking is permitted in an institution. Moreover, the ashtrays are required to be emptied frequently in metal containers. Smoking should also be prohibited where oxygen is stored or used. Taking such measures will contribute a lot to preventing fire. Improperly used or faulty equipment are also a leading reason for fire (Ahrens, 2012). In order to prevent fire, all equipment should be routinely checked. Special attention should be paid to split plugs or cords on electrical…

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