Fire In Lord Of The Flies

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When a group of boys are stranded on a deserted island with no adults, the boys become irritated with each other and start to become savages, and the items they hold dear turn into chaos as the boys turn into savages that know only destruction and death. Immediately, Piggy and Ralph, the first two boys that are introduced, find the conch in the water and use it to gather all the boys together, and the conch becomes vital for the boys to keep order and not turn into savages. As the chief of the boys’ civilization, Ralph recommends that the boys make a fire so that boats passing by can see the island and rescue them. The boys want to get off the island immediately after arrival, so Ralph recommends at the meetings that they talk about issues at, to use fire to create smoke so that boats would notice. When the boys first made the fire with Piggy’s glasses, they did not understand how much power it has and the flames burned a part of the island, which resulted in the death of the boy with a mulberry birthmark. Lord of the Flies by William Golding uses symbolism to show evolution, chaos, and destruction in human society.
In the assembly after Jack leaves the signal fire unattended, Ralph notices that Jack wants power and to have control over everyone, so Ralph makes the rule that the conch needs to be held to speak, and from that
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The glasses create the fire on the island, and all the boys want to create fire in order to escape, or to cook meals. The glasses even lead to Piggy’s demise in order to get them back. Jack uses the glasses to burn the island with fire, and because of how destructive and chaotic fire it, it ravages the island and came close to killing all the boys on the island. The fire, glasses, and conch all turn into items representative of chaos and destruction as the boys become more and more

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