Theme Of Survival In Lord Of The Flies

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Imagine being stranded on an island with a kid who has the urge to hunt and not do anything about being rescued, but another kid wants to be rescued and barely ever thinks about the idea of surviving. Throughout the book Ralph tells everyone that they need to build a fire in order to be rescued, however, Jack thinks that they need to hunt for food. Every bit of innocence in the boys was lost once they separated into two completely different groups. The conch shell plays a big role for the boys, or at least some of them. When surviving you would need rules to follow and a leader. Eventually, rivalries between certain people will grow dramatically, potentially causing a conflict between the individuals.
A fire not only keeps one warm, but it
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Well not necessarily, there was a loss of innocence near chapter 8. Simon finds a place of beauty and serenity. Some time later in the novel Simon returns back to the peaceful place to find a sow’s bloody head sitting on a stake. Jack thinks that if they give the beast the head of a sow it would give them peace. The sow’s bloody head has given an unsettled feeling to the paradise that existed before. After the murder of Simon, the boys innocence vanished. Jack's tribe took part in killing Simon, they thought he was the beast so they wanted to kill him. Piggy and Ralph participated in the killing as well. Later on they realize that they have murdered an innocent soul. The boys loss of innocence was never given to them, it was the evil inside of them that has always existed. Once the conch shell shattered, chaos broke …show more content…
If one were to be holding the shell, they had the power to talk. At the beginning of the story, Ralph uses the conch shell to call a meeting by blowing into it, causing it to make a loud noise. All of the boys agree on a rule that relates to the shell, whoever is in possession of the shell, he shall talk while others listen. However, late in the novel when Jack and a few other boys turn into savages, they may no longer agree to the rules. Rules can only be powerful if one agrees to them. In chapter 5, Ralph decides not to blow the conch because he’s afraid that the boys will not come back and the power of the shell will disintegrate. Once the conch shell was broken the network of society was gone, just like the shell. Meaning that all of the civilization on the island was lost. Ralph no longer has the authority to make rules.
Overall, the essential burden is the conflict between the two different groups of kids, those that stay civilized and those who turn to savages. Since the fire is the boys only connection to civilization, they obviously need it to be running. Also the loss of innocence in the boys shows how the evil inside of them has taken over, turning them to savages. Lastly, the conch shell symbolizes the civilization and order in the novel, it holds all of the power. Individuals can cause conflict and without rules or a leader the rivalries between people will grow

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