Finding The Suitable And Effective Teaching Solutions For These Errors, Peresentation Pactice Production ( Ppp ) Method

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4_Regarding finding the suitable and effective teaching solutions for these errors, peresentation-pactice-production (ppp) method is used .After all phonemes are presented and described how to be pronounced, a focus on those which cause confusion takes place. Firstly, discrimination technique is used by writing both phonemes /b/,/p/on the board and I would ask the students to pronounce the phoneme /b/ first and then, I take a piece of paper and hold it to face my lips, I say the sound and ask the students to focus on what happens to the paper while I am producing the sound. Normally ,their response would be that nothing happens and they are right because, no air is exploded while producing /b/sound .Then, the same procedure is repeated with /p/ sound and the students start to notice the movement of the paper because of the exploded air when producing /p/sound. Consequently ,students will find it interesting and they would immediately start experiencing it themselves and start noticing the difference between /p/and/b. Interestingly, this idea of using a paper has been supported by (Celce-Murcia,Brinton,andGoodwin,1996,p.69)and (Kelly,2000,p.56). The second technique is to ask the students to feel the difference between/p/and/b/by touching the neck to notice the vibration of the vocal cords while producing both sounds as the vibration happens when producing /b/but not/p/ .
Then, group of minimal pairs that include /p/and/b/ for instance, (pack ,back ,pig ,big ,pears ,bears…

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