Find The Truth Character Analysis

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For the first seven years of my character 's life, he was raised by his mother above the dry cleaners where she was employed. For entertainment, they would play Find the Truth. In Find the Truth, you would have to interrogate the customer to find out what happened to the item that needs to be cleaned or repaired. That 's when he learned that most people fear living with the fallout of their actions more than anything else. When he was seven, his mother married a widowed parole office.

His new step-mother was a good person, but she would take the stress of workout on him. She treated his mother nice which took killing her off the table. So he decided to lessen her work stress. He played Find The Truth with his Step-mother and after taking two or three vigorous beatings he found out most of her problems came from a female officer that regularly visits her building. He made a deal with his step-mother to not tell how he got his bruises if she takes him with her to work. After getting a tour of the place, he spotted his target. He walked up to her and reached towards her with a twisted version of the game his mother taught him.

She believed that this small boy she had never seen was her friend. From there it was easy for him to convince her to fuck him in the back
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and Lied. He couldn 't use his gift, but he still knew how to play the game! He stopped the shark and started interrogating the guy the same way he would in the dry cleaners. Less than an hour later he found the guy 's hidden stash and found out that this was part of a larger plan orchestrated by a booky for the Stratphen Family. From that day forward he became an interrogator, knowing people feared living with punishment more than dying from it lead to his signature style: "I promise you that you 're not going to die here. And before we start, I want you to think about what kind of life you will live after I 'm done with

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