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Chapter 09 Behavioral Finance and Technical Analysis   Multiple Choice Questions   1. Testing many different trading rules until you find one that would have worked in the past is called _______.  A. data mining B. perceived patterning C. pattern searching D. behavioral analysis   2. Models of financial markets that emphasize psychological factors affecting investor behavior are called _______.  A. data mining B. fundamental analysis C. charting D. behavioral

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A. 18 months
B. 4 years
C. 8 years
D. 50 years


21. According to Elliot wave theory, the stock market behavior can be explained as _________________. 
A. a series of medium-term wave cycles with no short-term trend
B. a series of long-term wave cycles with no short-term trend
C. a series of superimposed long-term and short-term wave cycles
D. sine and cosine functions


22. Conventional finance theory assumes investors are _______ and behavioral finance assumes investors are _______. 
A. rational; irrational
B. irrational; rational
C. greedy; philanthropic
D. philanthropic; greedy


23. The only way for behavioral patterns to persist in prices is if ______________. 
A. markets are not weak form efficient
B. there are limits to arbitrage activity
C. there are no significant trading costs
D. market psychology is inconsistent over time


24. In the context of a point and figure chart, a horizontal band of Xs and Os is a _____________. 
A. buy signal
B. sell signal
C. congestion area
D. trend reversal


25. Even though indexing is growing in popularity only about _____ of equity in the mutual fund industry is held in indexed funds. This may be a sign that investors and managers __________. 
A. 5%; are excessively conservative
B. 10%; overestimate their ability
C. 15%; suffer from framing biases
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