Financial Globalization And Global Investment Essays

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For many decades, financial globalization has brought benefits but it has also brought crisis and contagion, thus leaving with amplify views that has allowed the offshore banking to be more freely in investing. Since financial globalization has grown through out decades, it has been more complex to be managed by the government that leaves to the supports and opponents to say that the largely unregulated nature of international banking activity and global securities markers leaves the world financial system vulnerable to the collapse of financial institutions on a massive scale, which has been a real threat since at many times the government refuses to give regulatory authority to the global institutions which then limits the oversight of the international global markets. Overall there are measures that the government has taken to reduce which are implementing a more series regulation, and thus its important since it regulates the offshore banking and the global securities. There has been numerous of crises in the international finance that puts a price for a liberal order and that brings a lesson to the international institution. The post-war era was seen as one of the most tragic crisis since it affected the international global finance and was sign that reflected that the economy was weak and a need for a strong financial sector that will bring a strong expansion in the economy. The multiple levels of banking regulation have been key points for the international…

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