Essay On How Did The Great Depression Destroyed America

Did the Great Depression completely destroyed America economically in the twentieth century? During the twentieth century, America experience one of the most long and influential depressions, the great depression. Which left a historical memory for the entire nation. Some of this struggles that were faced were the bank failures, the stock market crash, and the loss of industries which concluded to unemployment for the citizens. The causes of the depression was the corruption of the Jazz Age as Robert S. McElvaine mentioned “It is difficult to think of the time as anything but the Roaring Twenties, the years of flappers, the Charleston, bathtub gin, petting parties, and the Slutz Bearcat. These were the days when America Withdrew from the world and went into an orgy of self-indulgence.” (McElvanie 13) In other words, Americans citizens had spent money that they didn’t have, on things that they believed were necessary. Therefore, the country couldn’t stabilize the amount of money that was lost, until ultimately it crash along with the banks, some industries, and the whole …show more content…
Which had the purpose to lend money to the nation to stabilize the economy efficiently during the depression. Although Jim Powel believed the contrary, he claimed that the New Deal had the contrary purpose of an assistance for the citizens, but it was a made only to make everything more expensive. (Powel 49). It is believed that the economy was fatal, but it could have led to more drastic consequences, and thankfully it did not. In the present, America is aware of how the economy tumble to its disaster, which is why know there are precautions that are taken in consideration to prevent this collapse from happening again. Such precautions are the improvements of the banking systems, and the control over their citizen’s

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