Financial Exploitation Of Our Elder Society Essay

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Financial exploitation of our elder society continues to reach epidemic proportions. It is a form of elder abuse that often goes under-reported or ignored. We need to educate and train our professionals and concerned citizens. We need to generate new laws and regulations to ensure the safety and well-being of our elders. As of 2013, 44.7 million people were 65 years or older. This amounts to 14.1% of the population, or 1 in 7 Americans.

When we think of abuse we often don’t realize that there are many forms the abuse can take. It may not be as obvious as cuts, bruises, a black eye, or a fat lip. Elder abuse is often under reported, ignored, or it is assumed that it is someone else’s responsibility to detect and report the alleged abuse. There is the obvious, physical abuse which is often very difficult to dispute and ignore as it can be bruises, black eye, or sprains, dislocations and broken bones which require hospitalization. In cases such as these there is often the assistance from nurses, doctors and additional medical providers which are mandatory reporters of suspected abuse.

Signs of physical abuse can take on many forms. A caregiver may no longer be allowing anyone to visit the elder, or allowing anyone to visit the elder alone. There may also be some more subtle signs. These may include the elder’s glasses or frames being broken, a sudden change in behavior, or the elder not wanting to be alone with the caregiver. Prescription medication that runs out to quickly…

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