Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis: MNC Versus SME Essay

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This report looks at the benefits and challenges SME in working with MNCs, and examines strategies for establishing SME-MNC connections and relationship, allowing them to open new horizon & improve their abilities to expand and prosper. For MNCs, working with SMEs can bring benefits such as lower costs, enhanced innovative capacity, and increased flexibility in responding to changing conditions. The JAR submission format would layout are in following sequence of: Introduction; Reason for choosing the article; Article Summary; Article Critique; Concluding Comments and last but not lease, References.

Reason for choosing the article:

It was a clear decision to select this article mainly due to:

* Working in
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Altogether these proven success stories with persisting perseverance bring together small enterprises, and MNC subsidiaries through alliance on value add activities centered around & effective coaching. By nurturing and creating links to MNCs through local Allies, establishing mandate commitment, modularizing knowledge transfer & tapping MNC influence will certainly create growth, benefits and mitigating the challenges for both parties in the MNC-SME relationship

Article Critique:

This article was concisely written with a duration of 5yrs research and investigation done on with more than fifty interviews and conducted many survey that received hundred over return replies on the imminent globalization of SMEs in tandem with MNCs. The authors research focused well on few small startup enterprises in India & the United Kingdom that commonly equip with little information and no experience dealing with MNC, but implying that through patience, perseverance, strategic planning based on their niche innovation through regime of appropriability with complementary resources techniques, adopting explicit & tracit knowledge(based view of the firm) and technology, slowly building up reliable relationship with MNC

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