Finally Free Essay

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Finally Free Growing up I would always spend all my free time with my grandparents, I thought of them as my parents and looked up to them. Not to say my parents were never around for me but there was a special connection there that can’t be compared or ever replaced. I received all the attention I ever wanted and never felt alone. Our small little adventures were just simply something else. It was hard for me to ever picture my life without my grandma or grandpa, the day I lost them I knew I would be lost and confused. At the age of six I would always wait for Fridays not only because we were able to take free dress to school but because I would be able to spend my weekend in my real home. My mom would pack my clothes in a bag while I …show more content…
Being the curious six year old I was, I asked what had happened there pointing at the scars. He looked down and told me that his scars came from something that he loved and had devoted a lot of time which was gardening. He began to tell me how it wasn’t easy as there were many consequences for his passion; he had acquired many injuries over the years some that were serious and others that were just a scratch. My grandparents lived in a community where there were many kids that would play out in the street and when it was summer this meant an ice cream truck would always pass. Being the favorite grandchild meant I basically got everything and was spoiled a lot. I would always but the same type of ice cream, blue powder-puff girl with the two deformed gumball eyes. To me that ice cream was like gold I wouldn’t share it with anyone except my grandpa as I couldn’t tell him no. Every time I would enter the house he would tell me, “Priscilla, can I have a small bite of your candy?” My response would always be no but after minutes of convincing I would always let him have one small bite like the one of a mouse. I would watch carefully as he put my ice cream closer and closer to his mouth until finally hitting his lips. Then I would notice how he would take the biggest bite he could

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