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List and be able to give examples of Bloom’s Cognitive Taxonomy of higher learning, and how it must be applied to multicultural education. Know this material well! Be able to listen to typical “teacher talk” and match up the levels appropriately. (Building MC Curriculum PPT) a. Level 1: knowledge –lists, label, recite, name, find, and memorize
b. Level 2: Comprehension- paraphrase, discover, translate
c. Level 3: Application- apply, transfer, generalize, relate, operate
d. Level 4: Analysis- deduce, distinguish, dissect, audit, inspect
e. Level 5: Synthesis- create, hypothesize, invent imagine, assemble
f. Level 6: Evaluation- appraise, evaluate, interpret, predict, justify
Study the 13 multicultural dispositions that Dr. T. has
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(B-1, F-4) No
According to Banks (and many others), does the educational multicultural mandate require a teacher to discuss every ethnic group, or does it require that classroom resources and instruction not focus solely on the dominant group? Is it an equal time issue, or is it about understanding general patterns that can be applied to many disempowered groups? (B-1, F-4, L) a. More about general patterns, but then applying it specifically to each group, because we can’t talk about everyone
What does your instructor say is the correct and healthy attitude one should take towards a White person feeling guilty about what has happen in history? (L) To not feel guilty because of the past, now they should try to be the change agent. Question the status quo.
It’s not just a white disease it is a human disease, explain power and privilege.
Minorities had problems too.
According to the instructor, students often resist participating in discussions about race and racism because of what kinds of reasons? (L, F-4) a. Race is considered a taboo topic
b. Many students think of the US as a just society
c. Deny personal prejudices
d. Having a black president, saying everything is okay
e. Think that since I treat everybody right, that everybody else is doing he same (shouldn’t focus on individual but the group)
According to your

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