Final Qualitative Research Design Essay

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Qualitative Design
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(1) Introduction
Care can be defined in terms of who delivers the care or the quality of care. Informal care is provided by the assistance of family and friends, while formal care can be thought of as government programs such as Home and Care Community Packages. For older adults, these kinds of care programs are “provided in the person’s own home, in special living accommodations, or in a mixture of these two” (From, Johansson,
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There are studies which suggest that for older adults who reside at home and face serious health conditions that are “objectively difficult” it does not necessarily mean they will have a negative view of life (Dale et al. 2012). This perspective from research with older adults allows a better understanding of 91 year old Barbara May Piro’s condition. The coronial report states that Susan Piro, Barbara May Piro’s daughter, was providing informal care for Barbara May Piro until she died (Johns 2011, p. 3). At the end of her mother’s life, Susan Piro departed for holiday at the demand of her own mother, Barbara May Piro. Susan Piro left her mother in a condition where she was immobile, with the bone of her right ankle “exposed to the atmosphere”, and little access to food (Johns 2011, p. 4).
And while it is easy to criticize Susan Piro for how she left Barbara May Piro, this situation brings up the question of how older adults experience care and as it relates to their sense of well-being. In other words, how can one deduce the quality of an older adult’s care experience under their family and friends and how does this measure up to the care experience of those adults who receive formal care? It could be argued that Barbara May Piro may have sacrificed the urgent care she needed for her sense of well-being and being able to maintain her social network with her family. And this begs the question, that maybe “it is important to

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