Final Essay, Intro to Film Eng 225

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An Analysis of the film Gone With the Wind
Catherine M. Piraino
Instructor Pal
December 17, 2012

An Analysis of the film Gone with the Wind Rarely has a film impacted an audience and held the test of time as the film Gone with the Wind. I have always been curious if director, Victor Fleming and producer, David O. Selznick and screenplay writer, Sidney Howard knew what they were creating a masterpiece and how this film would have such an enormous impact on audiences for years to come. Interestingly enough there were some who thought the film should not be made, as Irving Thalberg said to Louis B. Meyer in 1936, “Forget it Louis, no Civil War picture ever made a nickel” (Ten Films that Shook the World).
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In concert with the very dramatic music, the audience feels the desperation and determination of Scarlett. Just as the sunset is the catalyst which turn day to night, perhaps Selznick uses sunsets to contrast the impending changes to the southern way of life. In another scene Selznick utilizes the power of shadows, he shows only the shadow of the voluntary nurse in the makeshift hospital where the wounded and dying survivors of the Confederate army are reminiscing of happier times of home and family. Here again, the use of shadows are just shadows of a former life Selznick used a number of lighting and color to attain the effect he desired, from the sunset silhouette scenes to the burning of Atlanta; he uses hues of oranges and pinks to emphasize the setting of the blazing sun and the blazing fire. In the invasion of Atlanta scene you initially think you are watching a western movie. The air is full of dust clouds, horses, carriages and people in utter chaos as they endeavor to leave Atlanta. In the scenes that depict cadaverous like soldiers, the tones were grey; tones of tan and brown are sullen in nature. In other scenes, such as the barbecue at Twelve Oaks, it is bright, as if it was filmed outdoors. One of the more famous long shots is the train station where there are hundreds of confederate soldiers, wearing war-torn clothing

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