Final Access : Face Fending Of Exhibition Essay

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Initial access: face the offending in exhibition
Why we feel offensive when we saw a case study in class? Some of my group members felt sad and couldn’t accept what artist managed to do. At that time, I have a strong curiosity about our reaction. What causes our feeling? How far can we tolerate this discomfort? Is there any prohibition in curating?
In the following paragraphs, I start from audience experience and explain feeling through empathy and social context. Then, I move to objectionable objects to probe the origin of offensive feeling, and how we used to offend it. Later, I reference other literature about categories and analysis of offending way, to depict the route of offending. And the third section, I will talk about how the institution and curator handle the curating way to translate something meaningful from controversial. Finally, there will be the suggestions toward both institution and individual, and revealing my core concept of freedom.
Audience experience
As a first step, the reason why we can share the same feeling while encountering the same thing is because we all live in the same social context. The most obvious example is the belief, we regard something as our belief, resulting in sharing the same value and direction of life. If our belief is insulted, we will feel the same insulation upon us.
If the institution and curator cannot handle this task well and lead to the strong alienation toward the audience, there will be a…

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