Film The Social Network We See How The Lust For Power And Cultural Class Corrupts

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. In director David Finchers ' and screenwriter Aaron Sorkins ' film The Social Network we see how the lust for power and cultural class corrupts many involved in the founding of Facebook. Through the progression of the film the audience is aware of each character grain more power, preserve their power, or searching to remove another individual from power. Based on true events, The Social Network maps the foundation of Facebook, the relationship between its co-founders Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin, Zuckerberg’s former best friend, and the series of depostition stemming from the popular sites creation. The film opens with Zuckerberg’s girlfriend, Erica Albright, breaking up with him. Upset and intoxicated, he uses a code supplied by Eduardo to create the website "" compares college girls to each other and users were able to vote on which one was hotter. Mark is penalized with six months of academic probation when the traffic to the site brings down parts of Harvard 's computer network, and he becomes disliked by most of Harvard 's female community. Zuckerburg’s skill of crafting this website catches the attention twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, two other Harvard elites. They employ him to create Harvard Connection, which was intended to be a social site for students on campus. Rather than working on the twins’ website, Zuckerberg creates his own infrastructure, which he names as Thefacebook. Zuckerberg’s competitiveness,…

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