Film Review : The Misrepresentation Of Films Essay

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Misrepresentation in Films
For most avid readers, the news that their favorite novel or series will be made into a film sends readers into a frenzy. At the same time, there is an underlying fear that the director or filmmakers will “ruin” the book. This is because as opposed to reading the novel itself, films based on novels provide an inferior experience of the overall story due to misrepresentation. This misrepresentation occurs when filmmakers decide to change the way that a chapter or scene is written out. Filmmakers do not have a strict set of rules to which they must oblige, meaning that they get to pick and choose what makes the final cut. They may choose to omit characters or lines, alter details to accommodate the actors or go for a completely different representation of a scene. Overall, these factors lead to watching the film to be an inferior experience to reading the book.
The first reason why films pale in comparison to reading the book is the alterations of details. Whenever I go to my friend Nairi’s house we usually watch her favorite movies, the Harry Potter series. I have not read any of the novels while she, on the other hand, has caressed the pages of all seven books countless times. When we sit and watch the film, Nairi communicates her displeasure with details of scenes or characters. For example, she mentioned to me that the main character, Harry, has green eyes in the books but blue eyes in the film. In addition to this, in the books the author, J.K.…

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