Film Review : The Making Of A Film Essay

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The making of a film is assuredly a collaborative event. However, in order for a film to run smoothly, and have consistency, there is one person who must account for all the areas of the film. The director must mange his actors and crew in a way that everyone understands the vision and direction the film. The director in a sense, “owns” the process and is responsible for a well made film. A film is the manifestation of a personality, tone and feel of the director. Therefore, if a director must take on the responsibility of of the outcome of a film, so then should he/she be the central role, and person remembered for the film.

For the director, being the central role of the film process, one could argue that if the crew understood the director’s vision, then some of the work could be left up to the other departments. However, in order for this to work, they would have most likely worked with the director many times before to understand all the aspects of his/her style, personality and vision. Thus, it is still would appear to be the directors’ film. It is again his vision and the crews, actors and producers understanding of it that appears on the screen. A director is hired for his creative vision, not merely to take care of and make sure the process is copacetic.

Much of the creativity of a director can be seen in his use of shots, lighting and flow of the film. In “The Third Man,” directed by Carol Reed, some of these things can be seen in the distinctive angles of…

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