Film Review : Little Miss Sunshine Essay

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We can all agree that the Youngers as well as the Hoovers had some sort of dysfunctionality in their families. In both films, each character challenges social norms in one way or another. In Little Miss Sunshine, Olive goes against the norms of her society by entering a beauty pageant where society puts absurd beauty standards for little girls. In the film “A Raisin in the Sun”, Beneatha goes up against all the norms of that era, and attends college. Beneatha strives to become one of the first female african american doctor. Even though each film was made in different time periods we see a similarity in both families which is the wanting for something better. We also see some differences in the norms of the time periods like a change in gender roles. Gender typing is also seen in both films.“Little Miss Sunshine”, and “A Raisin in the Sun” centralize in issues like gender, sexuality, and identity.
Olive’s sole dream is to be like Miss America. When she finds out she is eligible to be a contestant in Little Miss Sunshine she becomes ecstatic, and jumps at the opportunity. When the family finally gets there they realize what they got themselves into. A ugly world where sexism is prevalent. Little girls faces are plastered with make-up, and the judges standards are nothing less than perfection. Just by contesting Olive is going against all those high standards, and unfair norms that society has put on these little girls. It was obvious that the people holding the beauty…

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