Film Industry : Latin American Films Essay examples

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Hollywood film has been a dominant force in the world of film due to its box office success that comes through archetypical forms that appeal to the masses and allows for them to be entertained. The film industry in Latin America has had a more challenging time creating films that are as commercially successful which would allow the films in Latin American countries to be able to create a stronger national cinema identity. Though much of Latin America appears to be further underdeveloped than the Western world, the film industries in these Latin Americans countries have a remarkable ability to make social commentary as well as adapt their strategies of carrying out that message overtime. Latin American films have had the ability to acclimate through formulaic changes due to a shift in film ideology to have a stronger national voice in civil concerns overtime. Latin American films have not always had the opportunity to create films that are able to showcase the Latino voice in films due to a lack of budget, so these countries had to turn to Hollywood or other large film industries to create coproduction films, or to use Hollywood studios that were built in Latin American countries. An example of this is the movie, “Alla en el Rancho Grande” which was distributed by The United Artists Media Group, which is an American film company, giving American investors a large say as to what the movie was to look like. As a result, the movie employs very stereotypical images of…

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