Film Classic : Citizen Kane Essay

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The entire plot of this classic story can be made clear with two distinct symbols. These symbols resonate throughout the viewer’s mind and appear time and time again. In a political society where capitalism and hierarchies are both prevalent and stressed, something gets lost in a man, something depicted by a simple snow globe, and a sled.

A snow globe, although collected by a select few people in this world, holds little to no value in modern society. Snow globes are not a symbol of power, they are not a symbol of success, in fact, they are often simply a cheap way to remember a fantastic place. This is the idea depicted by the snow globe in Orson Welles’ film classic: Citizen Kane. The film begins with a series of gloomy, dark shots, followed by the death of the main character in this story: Charles Foster Kane. On his deathbed, a snow globe drops from the hand of this powerful figure falling with great elegance upon the cold floor. The proceeding shot shows a reflection from the glass on this snow globe, and the reader begins to think about the significance of this symbol. This powerful, unbelievably rich man held in his hand at his death, a simple toy. A snow globe is a literal depiction of Kane’s life, showing a snowy home in Colorado in which he grew up, but also a metaphorical one. As this is the first shot of the entire movie, the significance of this symbol is not immediately known to the viewer. But with the progression of both story and knowledge of Kane, it…

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