Film Analysis : Reeling With Laughter, By Michael Tueth Essay

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Comedy is a genre, or distinct category, of the diverse world of film. However, comedy itself is not a single entity; it is composed of multiple subgenres that all contribute to one goal: to make the audience laugh. Multiple subgenres exist in film comedy, and an important one to discuss is the subgenre of farce—specifically sex farce. As defined by Michael Tueth’s film analysis in his book Reeling with laughter, the sex farce subgenre is characterized by absurd and overly exaggerated scenarios; a plot that has high amounts of risk; plot twists; quick pacing with the resolution; witty humor; stereotypical character types; role-reversals, such as gender-swapping; and the reliance of misunderstandings, secrets, and disguises (94). A classic example of the use of sex farce is Billy Wilder’s Some Like It; a more contemporary example is Keenen Ivory Wayans’s White Chicks. Although the films exist in different eras and differ slightly from one another in terms of plot, character types, and purpose of gender-swapping, both films possess defining characteristics of sex farce films and other similar qualities that make them extremely successful.
Released in 1959, Some Like It Hot stars Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon as two musicians, Joe and Jerry, who are on the run due to witnessing a mafia-related massacre in Chicago. Escaping to Miami, Florida, Joe and Jerry dress as women and change their identities—Josephine and Daphne—to join a band of girl musicians onboard a train. On the…

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