Filipino Culture And Who I Am

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People are made up of many factors and details that make them who they are, it could be their

friends, passions, hobbies, even where they came from, but for me my culture is what makes me who I

am. Being born in Hawaii and having parents from the Philippines I grew up with two cultures,

Hawaiian or “Local” culture and Filipino culture. Both cultures have equally influenced the person I

am today, but I 'll start with how Filipino culture makes me who I am.

As I grew up I 've noticed that my family had a very different way doing things. We talked in

two different languages, Filipino and English, the ideals that I was taught were different from the ideals

that my friends were taught, and how I was raised was different. My family
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Local Culture has influenced who I am since I grew up here in Hawaii and has taught me many

unique things only people who were raised in Hawaii would know. The most important thing that

local culture has taught me is how central the beach is to everyone in Hawaii 's life. The beach is

basically where every social gathering takes place, from birthdays, to funerals, to bonding with

friends and family. The beach is also where I lived majority of my life. I 'd walk down to the beach and

go cliff jumping with friends on the weekends, night fishing with my uncles with nothing but nets,

spears, goggles and a flashlight, and snorkeling with my cousins into coral reefs teeming with life.

Local Culture has also taught me a sense of respect for the land because many of us from Hawaii get

our food from the plentiful fruit trees found around the island, the volcanic soil enriched grounds
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Another thing that

growing up here has taught me is dealing with different cultures and diversity. Hawaii has a lot of

people from different races living here, from Japanese, to Chinese, Portuguese, Samoan, and etc, so it is

important to keep an open mind about people and have the aloha spirit (being friendly to everyone),

because of that I have many friends from diverse backgrounds and its been one the most important

experiences for me because I learned a lot about the world from them and because of that it has

influenced my choice in major which is International Studies because I want to know more about the

world and its people.

Being from Hawaii and growing up with the local culture has taught me to be able to live of the

land, live and love diversity because in Hawaii where a melting pot of different ethnicity’s, and the

beach and ocean is our way of life.

My culture makes me who I am and makes me unique in my own way and so this is

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