Figurative Language In The Story Of An Hour

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Prompt:In “The Story of an Hour” how do the author’s style, structure, and language choices affect the text and its impact on the reader?

In ¨The Story of an Hour¨, the author´s style, structure, and language choices affect the text and its impact on the reader because the way the author puts the story, in my opinion it sounds like it has a lot of detail as if it happened in real life. The style of the text makes it a good and confusing story. . When the story is confusing, it makes you think more which is a good thing. Also, the structure affects the story because if the story was put in a different way it might have been more confusing and might not have made sense, so the readers might have to reread the story a couple of times
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Imagery means that you are making the story have a little imagination like as if you were in the story. When you use Imagery. It gives the reader a better understanding of what's going on in the text. Dialogue means that there is a conversation between 2 characters. It is important to have figurative language in a story because it gives you (the reader) a better reason to read it. Some of the words that I saw in the text are: Afflicted, Repression, I chose these vocab words because I think it´s what best describes what the characters were doing. Afflicted means that you are causing pain or suffering, affect or trouble, the reason why I put this in here is because I believe that it fits in. Repression means that you´re not expressing how you feel about something, I chose this because there was a part in the story that Mrs. Mallard did not express how she felt when her husband ¨died¨. When you have literary devices, it makes the text more interesting to read because it looks …show more content…
Literary devices make you sound smarter and feel smarter when you use them. If you use words that look big, but then you change them because your readers might not know what it means. Then I´ll be easier for your readers to understand what they're reading. Sometimes it is best to put words that some people don't know just to give them a little challenge. When you change the words
The author would use certain words or phrases to give make the text better. When the author uses certain words or phrases, it may be because he or she is trying to tell us a hint about the story or want us to think about the story a little deeper to we can understand it better. Authors usually use certain words or phrases to get the reader attached to the story to the point where they do not want to stop reading it. Every time that happens that is a good thing because that means that the text has good words and

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