Fetal Abuse Is A Human Being Essay

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Imagine, somewhere in a hospital a very sick newborn is being treated in the ICU, and another one is being mourned by his mother. Many things can go wrong. Could it have been stopped? The reality is, that while in the womb, some babies are exposed to fetal abuse. A fetus is “a human being….in the later stages of development before it is born.” (Meriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary) Fetal abuse is abusing a baby that is still in the womb. This type of abuse has been identified with abortion for a long time, but now it goes beyond the scope of simply terminating a pregnancy. Unfortunately, babies today are more susceptible to fetal abuse than ever before. Today, abuse to babies in the womb can be thought of as deadly disease that has created multiple different strands of mutations.
It is difficult to imagine the words “drug” and “baby” in the same sentence. Some pregnant mothers expose their babies to teratogens, toxic substances such as marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, and cocaine that cause malformation of the fetus. (Ciccarelli and White 315) Teratogens have redefined fetal abuse and taken it to another level. “What many people don’t know is that when a pregnant woman drinks beer, wine, or liquor, or does drugs those toxic substances go right through the mother to her baby. The consequences are lethal.” states narrator of Fetal Abuse: The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol. Some of the side effects of the toxins can be miscarriages, birth defects, or mental retardation of the…

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