Ferocious Fear In The Night, By Eliezer Wiesel

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Ferocious Fear Faster, the men ran, faster, are they men anymore, faster, went the running skeletons trying to survive the freezing night. Night is a heart-wrenching nonfiction story by Eliezer Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor who decided to share his story and that of other millions, for everyone to learn and read of. Eliezer was a young man when his entire town was taken into a dehumanizing captivity by opposing German forces, forced around the entire expanse of a European country to five different locations. Always running because “a slave runs,” Eliezer Wiesel survived through the horrific, treacherous actions of a different type of mankind for him and his father. Eliezer Wiesel is afraid of death which is demonstrated in forms of dehumanization deterioration and the loss of strength between a father and son relationship. The crematorium or the furnace was one of the …show more content…
All of which things are important because it’s through Eliezer’s fear that he survives. If Eliezer had allowed his fear to consume his thoughts and turn them form rational to irrational then he could’ve met his end, but Eliezer allowed his fear to push him and his father to the finish line. From reading Night readers will gain an appreciation for the life that they’re able to live today, it’ll impact them or help them learn from either their ancestors that were persecuted against or the persecutors to never repeat one of history’s most tragic and traumatic experience. In conclusion, “to those who lost their lives: we remember, to those who survived: we hear you, to the next generations: we must never

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