Fender Bender Case Study

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How to Deal with Fender Bender or Small Car Damages?
So you just reach the nearest store to buy grocery for dinner. You rush to the store, buy things and then go back to your vehicle. You subconsciously put your vehicle in the reverse gear because your mind is occupied with hundreds of other thoughts. You start to begin rolling backward before looking in the mirror, and then it happens— parking lot fender bender.
In fact, in every day to day driving, small damages occur to our cars, like bumper damage, tail light damage, battery issues, etc. According to a report published in the Times of Report a few years ago, the cost of repairing damaged car shields and bumpers accounted for around 60% of the claim amount that insurance companies paid
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At first glance, there might be little or no visible damage like bumper may collapse a bit, or a small scratch appears on a car, and you or other vehicle’s owner exchange some words and then continue with their daily routine. It is the first mistake which most of the people make by assuming that if the damage appears to be small, then it is just a cosmetic repair. However, things can become bad.
Let’s take the case of my friend, Raj, whose car was hit by an autorickshaw from the rear side at the traffic light. He got out of the car to check the damages, and when there were no visible signs, he drove away. A few days later his car’s tyre showed excessive wearing, and he went to the mechanic to get its replacement. Then the mechanic asked, “Did you drive through uneven roads” It reminded him of a minor accident which happened a week ago. Due to the impact of the accident, the entire section of the tyre got bent down. At the time of the accident, the damage was minor, but underneath, the car suffered major damages. He paid a huge amount for its repairing.
Here are some of the examples of small damages which may cause to your
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Whoever commits mischief either pays Rs 50 or upwards or two years imprisonment, or both. The car owner can register a Daily Diary Report (DDR) with the nearby police station.
• Approach your car insurance: A car insurance policy covers loss or damage to your vehicle against both man-made and natural calamities, like theft, riot, fire, lightning, etc. You can approach the insurance company to get a claim on the basis of the DDR How to prevent your car from small damages?
You can follow the below simple rules to prevent your car from being damaged:
 Always park your car in an authorized parking space. Be polite when you need to park your vehicle next to someone else and always keep a safe distance since you do not want to leave dents in someone else’s car and yours too at the same time
 Always open your car’s door carefully at the parking spot
 When you are not using, keep your vehicle in a garage
 Avoid rocky roads as they can cause dents and scratches on your vehicle
 Remove battery if you are going away for a long time and store it in a cool and dry place, away from

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