Essay on Feminist Perspective On Violence Against Women

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Violence against women is a significant barrier in women achieving full equality. The knowledge of violence against women is very limited and it fell to more of the deep-rooted nature of violence and how the gendered attitudes have supported this issue for many years. Feminist argue that violence against women is supported through sexist and racist stereotypes that have been socially constructed. In this essay, we will be looking at violence against women and analyze and understanding the history, research, importance, and class/race that affects violence against women. Firstly, feminist perspective on violence against women is important to understand and grasp. According to Tracy (2007) feminist theorists believe that patriarchy is the cause of all abuse against women and explains the power struggles in the patriarchal societies that men are in the position of dominance and when threatened resort to violence. Kelly (2002) explains the cycle of power and control and how it has replaced the cycle of violence to help depiction of gender driven violence and also emphasize on the fact that physical violence is the only part and the most important part of the patriarchal structure. Kelly (2002) touches up the idea that power and control help form the physical and sexual violence. This is the central power that is connected to violence and any additional forces that is used such as children, threatening, intimidating and abusing. In addition, O 'Connor and Wilson (1998) have…

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