Feminism In The Pandora Box, By Rebecca Solnit

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Karen Andrade
WGSS 496
Feminist Community Praxis
April 8, 2015
Essay #1

According to Rebecca Solnit, “Feminism is an endeavor to change something very old, widespread, and deeply, rooted in many, perhaps most, cultures around the world, innumerable institutions, and most households on Earth- and in our minds, where it all begins and ends” (110). Solnit is trying to convey in her book Men Explain Things to Me the struggles women and feminist have gone through and are going through in a hierarchal and patriarchal society. Starting from the most recent second wave movement forty years ago to now, Solnit is rethinking and connecting women’s relations with in the contemporary societies locally and globally. Throughout the diverse essays that
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Where myths emphasizes on the dangers the curiosity of women who opens the box given by the Gods, that which led out all the “ills out to the world” (Solnit, 111) By referring to thus metaphor Solnit try’s to illustrate how change happen in feminist agenda it is not a linear clear pathway to change, but a crowd of “ills” and ideas erupting for change. These are ideas of revolution within the feminist space against hierarchal patriarchy in it’s fullest: misogyny. Misogyny is the ultimate change for feminists in this time. Solnit expresses how misogynist want the ideas that erupted from the Pandora Box to go back in it. When what they are actually saying is to put women where they think women belong in, “a place of silence and powerlessness” which also refers to this as “volunteer police force” (116-17). Therefore, as Solnit emphasizes the struggle feminist face in the contemporary time with misogyny, in recent the violence against women and the rape culture can we fully understand her message. Solnit referes to some of the event that surprise nationa television such event like the two rapes of Jhoti Singh in New Delhi and Steubenville rape case. However these cases of such inherent violence toward women has created an action switch on in women, feminist activist and organization and especially in creating coalitions between unlikely …show more content…
This is due to Native American communities did not have patriarchy before colonialism therefore, why do they need feminism, whereas evangelical gender politics is often thought as conservative (Smith 116). However, even with all these differences women’s struggle is still present which redefies Rebecca Solnit’s quote that feminism is a struggle within all cultures and institutions, they have a common battle. Smith further implies on the commonality, “Such a simplistic gender analysis also makes it difficult for us to see that Native and evangelical identities are already coalitional identities that can shift and change through political struggle” (117) Therefore, it is inevitable for women to successfully to organist because they recognize the difference between them and the commonalty between them as well. Feminist activist and organization take other approach and even if within these communities refuse to take on the label of a feminist, but there are some that do. Smith states, “…not all Native women activists refuse the policing of their gender politics. Hence, some women assert not only that they are feminists but also that they call themselves “feminists without apology”(123). Although, Native women within their own communities may be found divided by feminist politics, Native women create great

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