Feminism In The Bluest Eye

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The uprising of the equality of the sexes has made much great progress. Although progress has been made, it has been mostly for those who are white women. The movement leaves out issues in third world countries and those of other races. For example, women are paid less than men, but women of African-American or Hispanic descent are paid even less. The closing of the wage gap applies only to white men against white women, while every person of the same job should be paid the same no matter their race or sex. The feminist movement caters to western whites by not only focusing on whites, but by also ignoring issues with race and suppression around the world. Many white women live under privilege without even knowing so. They lack the knowledge that their life has been shaped by their privilege (Sholock 702). This common issue is caused by the misrepresentation of other feminist groups and second-wave feminists believing in that all women no matter their race are equally oppressed (Herr 4). As a society, we do not pay attention to those of minorities or those with inability to boldly pronounce their misfortune. White feminist attempted to be charitable to migrants, but were unable to combine the migrants ' needs with …show more content…
A woman of color has to compensate for her ethnicity and sex by doing everything. She has no choice but to take on too many roles. Both white and colored women are assumed to take the role of the full time motherhood, but women of color also have to attend to trying to be seen with “whiteness” or “cleanliness.” It is not good enough for a woman of color to take on all household chores but she has to give off the notion of the family being clean. She has to work hard in order to prove she and her family was not what Richard Wright called a

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