Feminism : Feminism And Feminism Essay

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When discussing the different feminist theories, it is highly important to define feminism. Whenever we discuss feminism often or not, patriarchy is brought to the table. Looking through the lenses of women today; we notice different situations because of the diversity among ourselves (women in this case). Skin color, gender, sexual orientation, religion and nationality all play a huge role in the discussion of what connects women to each other. We will be taking a look at how patriarchy infiltrates most of the legal, social and political channels. As most would guess, there are common grounds between different feminist schools of thought. Liberal feminism and radical feminism can be very different than one another yet at the same time look towards accomplishing the same goal. The only difference is how to get there. It is as Wollstonecraft said, “Who made men the exclusive judge, if women partake with him the gift of reason.” (Doing Feminist Theory) Liberal feminists generally believe in the equality of women throughout the social means (legislative, employment, etc.). Men are seen and hold more rights and power than women do, without doubt a trend that has continued until now, liberal feminists seek to reform equality through the already established system. Liberal feminists of the 17th, 18th, and 19th century emphasized that equality should be given to all citizens no matter what gender they are in regards to education, the right to vote, employment and wage gaps. Not…

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